Big Data Solutions that Go Beyond Connecting Puzzle Pieces

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Infoworks delivers automated, integrated, end-to-end big data solutions... Not just lightly connected tooling.

There are many big data solutions that provide pretty interfaces to solve point problems within a big data or cloud environment. However, the problem is that they force you to figure out how to make it all work together. No integration. No automation.

Infoworks addresses the end-to-end challenges you face with end-to-end data engineering solutions that are more than just a pretty user interface. We automate most of the work for you, which is why our Fortune 500 customers are in production in a matter of days.


Automated Data Lake Creation & Management

Rapidly build your data lake in days with zero coding, and easily handle incremental synchronization performance, and governance. Build, synchronize and manage your data lake in days, with no coding needed.

Automated Data Warehouse Offload & Migration

Automatically convert old data warehouse environments to big data and the cloud in days. Infoworks converts and optimizes your old transformation logic and workflows …automatically. We then provide an optimized operational environment to track & manage production data pipelines.

Automated BI & Advanced Analytics

There are many ad-hoc transformation tools which are great for analytic discovery. They just can’t be used to build production workflows. Infoworks addresses the challenge of building production big data workflows with an end-to-end solution that enables self-service from source to consumption.