Apr 07, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
There is no Gartner Magic Quadrant for DataOps but inquiring minds want to know the 5 characteristics that define a good DataOps solution.

Apr 01, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
Read how a multi-billion dollar high-tech company moved from their in-house, brittle, big data ingestion solution to Infoworks.

Mar 05, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
Few trends got more attention in tech in 2018 than artificial intelligence. But if you can't get the right data delivered to your AI or ML algorithm, all you have is "A".

Feb 12, 2019
Written by Ramesh Menon
After data is ingested into a data lake, data engineers need to transform this data in preparation for downstream use. Challenges in data preparation tend to be a broad collection of issues that add up ...

Feb 07, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
Industry veteran, David Dorman, joins big data innovator, Infoworks.io as we scale up to meet explosive market demand

Jan 15, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
Read how an old fashioned brick and mortar retailer is automating their data engineering processes to deliver greater analytics agility.

Jan 08, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
We have all been uncomfortable with the “big data” term for some time now. It is time for a new and better term. Agile Data!

Dec 05, 2018
Written by Todd Goldman
In 1955 the first Fortune 500 list appeared and today, only 53 remain on the list. None of this is lost on the Fortune 500’s oldest company, which has stayed young by becoming a digital pioneer.

Nov 29, 2018
Written by Todd Goldman
Data silos prevent companies from getting a complete picture of their overall business. Big data technologies can help in theory, but for many organizations, they lack the skills necessary to put that ...

Nov 14, 2018
Written by Todd Goldman
“Agile” was officially used to describe the iterative method of engineering by a group of software developers in their “Agile Manifesto”. Now it is making its way into the data engineering world ...