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Data Analytics Use Cases: Traditional vs. Big Data

WRITTEN BY Amar Arsikere October 3, 2018
Big Data

In the not too a distant future, the business world will be split into two camps - companies which have an agile analytics capability and those companies that get eaten by the first group


Migrate Netezza and Teradata Data Warehouses to a Modern Data Architecture

WRITTEN BY Ramesh Menon July 30, 2018
Data Lake

Unleash yourself from the Teradata and Netezza data warehouse ball and chain. Moving to a modern data architecture has never been easier.


Automated Data Ingestion: It’s Like Data Lake & Data Warehouse Magic

WRITTEN BY Ramesh Menon May 30, 2018
Data Ingestion

There are many "gotchas" in populating a data lake. Read on to find out the magic behind automating away many of the most difficult challenges.


3 Important Gotchas when Ingesting Data to Hadoop or Cloud (part I)

WRITTEN BY Ramesh Menon May 14, 2018
Data Ingestion

There are a variety of tools and frameworks for data ingestion, and most will appear to be suitable in a proof-of-concept. Don't be deceived!


The Top 5 Big Data Solutions to Get Your Project into Production

WRITTEN BY Ramesh Menon March 21, 2018
Data Operations

We walk through what you can do to use big data automation to overcome the top 5 technical challenges that block organizations from fully taking advantage of big data.