Trends in Digital Transformation: Our Predictions for 2022

WRITTEN BY Buno Pati December 20, 2021
Big Data

In this article, Infoworks CEO Buno Pati summarizes key industry trends.


Why ingest when you can Onboard Data?

WRITTEN BY Amar Arsikere June 17, 2020
Big Data

Every data analytics project starts with the critical first step of creating and operationalizing healthy data lakes. A unified data lake is created by onboarding multiple data sources. Onboarding a data source is more than ingesting the data once.


Infoworks for Databricks

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AI and Machine Learning

Data onboarding is the critical first step in operationalizing your data lake. DataFoundry automates data ingestion as well as the key functionality that must accompany ingestion to establish a complete foundation for analytics.


Big Data Trends: Our Predictions for 2020 PLUS What Happened in 2019

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Big Data

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Data Analytics Use Cases: Traditional vs. Big Data

WRITTEN BY Amar Arsikere October 3, 2018
Big Data

In the not too a distant future, the business world will be split into two camps - companies which have an agile analytics capability and those companies that get eaten by the first group


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For companies at the enterprise level, big data is one of the most substantial technological innovations to emerge over the last decade. Big data refers to the volume of both structured and unstructured data. It is so large, traditional software and database techniques make it extremely difficult to process. Another way to define big data pertains to what some call “the five V’s”: velocity, volume, value, variety, and veracity.

Those working with big data employ advanced data analysis methods such as predictive analytics and user behavior analytics. Since big data can help businesses make more intelligent and accurate decisions, leveraging this data in certain ways has the potential to deepen relationships with customers, gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace, perform risk analysis, bolster data safety efforts, and create new revenue streams.

Many experts on data storage estimate that the volume of data generated will increase at an exponential rate over the next few years. Therefore big data’s role and the techniques necessary to extract the most value out of it will become increasingly important.

Because traditional relational databases often struggle to meet the processing demands of big data, organizations often turn to NoSQL databases and Hadoop instead. Some of the common complementary tools include YARN, MapReduce, Apache Spark, HBase, Apache Hive, Kafka, and Pig. More recently, IT and analytics teams are embracing data lake warehousing as a repository for incoming streams of raw data.

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