Data Lake
Sep 06, 2018
Written by Todd Goldman
There has been a lot of discussion about how data lakes have failed. That is far from true. Companies are finally figuring out how to make them work as part of a larger data strategy.

Data Lake
Jul 30, 2018
Written by Ramesh Menon
Unleash yourself from the Teradata and Netezza data warehouse ball and chain. Moving to a modern data architecture has never been easier.

In this blog archive, you will find a compilation of data lake news articles. For big data storage needs, companies use data warehouses, data lakes, or a combination of both.

Acting as a central repository, data lakes leverage a flat architecture to store raw, untransformed data for use a later time. Data lakes are typically synonymous with Hadoop technology, although more companies are opting for cloud-based data offerings from the likes of AWS, GCP, and Azure. The data stored in a data lake is often uncurated and can originate from relational and non-relational sources. Data lakes serve as an alternative to data warehouses where data must be structured and packaged for consumption and optimized for fast SQL queries. Because data lakes store all data and support all data types regardless of source, data scientists have access to more comprehensive sets of data.

Any large pool of data where the schema and data requirements are left undefined until the moment it is queried can be referred to as a data lake. While data lakes can have the mechanisms and structure applied to help all users, business analysts may prefer data warehouses for quicker visualization and batch reporting. However, data lakes can adapt more quickly to changes, whereas data warehouses are complex in nature and take considerable development time. Data lakes typically require some semblance of structure and cataloging to generate the most value for all users. 

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