Infoworks News
Feb 07, 2019
Written by Todd Goldman
Industry veteran, David Dorman, joins big data innovator, as we scale up to meet explosive market demand

Infoworks News
Jun 27, 2018
Written by Todd Goldman
Today we officially unveiled Infoworks’ Autonomous Data Engine (ADE) V2.4, the latest release of our end-to-end automated software platform for agile data engineering--both on-premises and in the cloud.

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Recognizing the challenges facing many organizations, Infoworks founder and current Chief Technology Officer, Amar Arsikere, set out to create a solution to help companies deal with the complexity of big data.

The problem with using open source tools is that while they provide a decent foundation, they often require specific expertise, an extraordinary amount of manual coding, and extensive periods of time for big data projects to reach production.

In business, agility and implementation can be the defining factors that dictate success and failure. With more and more organizations leveraging big data to improve their offerings and customer relationships, automating big data pipelines and workflows are key to gaining a competitive edge.

Formerly known as the Autonomous Data Engine, Infoworks DataFoundry automates and accelerates deployment of analytics use cases at scale. As the premier enterprise data operations and orchestration platform, big data teams can develop and manage data analytics pipelines and workflows with decreased implementation times while also reducing the amount of manual coding and engineering tasks.

Applicable for both on-premise and cloud big data environments, DataFoundry handles the automation of data ingestion, synchronization, preparation, transformation, data modeling and OLAP cube generation. Data workflows built with Infoworks DataFoundry run on a wide variety of big data execution engines and storage platforms without re-coding.

The company is led by CEO Buno Pati and Chairman David Dorman, along with board members Ned Hooper, Naren Gupta, and Amar Arsikere. To date, Infoworks has successfully raised millions in funding after its latest round of Series C financing in October 2018. Some of Infoworks’ most notable investors include New Enterprise Associates (NEA), Centerview Capital, Nexus, and Knoll Ventures.

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