Automated Data Lake Management Platform

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With our data lake management solution, create and operationalize your data lake in days... no coding required

  • Rapidly ingest streaming and batch data at enterprise scale
  • Incrementally synchronize and refresh your data and schemas
  • Minimize source system impact, and meet your performance SLAs
  • Accelerate creation of data pipelines with no-code drag and drop ease


Infoworks Data Lake Software Rapidly Creates Data Lakes that are Secure and Manageable

A complete data lake solution to provision, ingest, synchronize, transform, secure and manage data lakes without requiring IT resources
Automate crawling and ingestion of enterprise and non-enterprise data for analytics with our data lake management platform
Automates high-speed merge processes to make incremental data available for consumption
Automates change data capture and schema change handling
Fortune 100 Technology Company
Data-Lake Creation
2 Weeks
Populated and managed a data lake for thousands of concurrent users
  • 1,500 data sources
  • 100,000+ tables
  • Ingests, synchronizes and captures changing data on an ongoing basis
  • Supports a data shopping cart for enterprise-wide usage
  • Eliminated hand coding