Automated Data Warehouse Offload & Migration 

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Migrate from legacy data warehouses like Teradata and Netezza to the cloud & big data in days

  • An automated, repeatable and consistent process for all your workloads
  • Workloads are migrated to easily maintain and optimize data workflows
  • Eliminates the need for scarce and specialized resources

Infoworks Automates Away the Complexity in Data Warehouse Migrations

Automates replication of data from DWs like Teradata and Netezza and their upstream sources to big-data & the cloud
Automates translation and optimization of legacy DW queries to big data & cloud
Automates migration of legacy transformation logic and ETL processes into easily maintainable visual workflows
A complete solution to migrate your data warehouse use-cases to big data & cloud environments
Fortune 10 Retailer
Data Warehouse Migration
19 Days
Migrated a complex, machine learning, near-real-time, business process in 19 days
  • Synchronized with Teradata every 10 mins
  • 15 min data-availability service level agreement
  • Implemented by 2 engineers in 19 days from requirements to production