Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration for Databricks

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Combine Databricks with Infoworks to Accelerate Your Digital Transformation

Enterprise data operations, orchestration and analytics are the key to any digital transformation initiative.  Most organizations are moving to the cloud to accelerate these initiatives and a significant portion are also moving to Databricks.  And while Databricks is an amazing commercialized platform for Apache Spark, building data pipelines and workflows still  requires hand coding.  What do you do for your employees who require a no-code environment?

Infoworks DataFoundry makes it possible to take full advantage of the Databricks platform, running natively on Databricks and Delta Lake, while also increasing the productivity of your data engineers by 10x.

Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration
for Databricks Environments

Eliminate Your Data Analytics Use Case Backlog

Get analytics projects into production more quickly by simplifying the development, orchestration and execution of analytic processes, from data ingestion to integration to models training and deployment. Leverage familiar tools, languages, and skills via a combination of no-code development, deep automation, interactive notebooks and APIs.

Lower Operational Costs

Infoworks' DataFoundry no-code environment and Databricks' cloud-native best-in-class Apache Spark let users more easily develop and operationalize data pipelines and workflows. Data workflows developed in DataFoundry run directly on Databricks and can also store data natively in Databricks Deltalake. Together we address operational costs head-on.

Scale up for Enterprise Readiness

Infoworks DataFoundry automates the iteration and promotion of AI and ML analytics from your development sandbox all the way to enterprise class production. DataFoundry adds built-in monitoring, management and governance to your Databricks best-in-class Apache Spark deployment, which enables processing for large-scale data environments.

Migrate More Quickly to Achieve Cloud Analytics Productivity

Infoworks DataReplicator and DataFoundry automate the migration of data and data pipeline processes from on-premises environments and allow you to more quickly move onto a Databricks unified analytics platform.

Case Study

Fortune 100 Technology Company
2 Weeks
Populated and managed a data lake for thousands of concurrent users:


  • 1,500 data sources
  • 100,000+ tables
  • Ingests, synchronizes and captures changing data on an ongoing basis
  • Supports a data shopping cart for enterprise-wide usage
  • Eliminated hand coding

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