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September 25, 2019

Infoworks Announces v3.0

Industry leading EDO2 system now available on Microsoft Azure Databricks

PALO ALTO, Calif. and NEW YORK, Sept. 25,, the leader in Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, today at Strata Data Conference announced Infoworks v3.0, which extends the supported list of distributed computing and storage platforms to include Microsoft Azure Databricks, and further enhances Infoworks’ seamless support for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud environments.

Infoworks v3.0, represents a significant evolution of Infoworks’ highly-automated EDO2 system that is used by some the world’s largest enterprises to achieve unprecedented levels of analytics agility. Extending Infoworks to run on Microsoft Azure Databricks provides businesses with the ability to run on ephemeral clusters, delivering compute resources on-demand and reducing the need for fixed and costly infrastructure. Infoworks also dramatically reduces the time and skill level needed to launch analytics use cases by providing a no-code automated environment.

The company also announced today a partnership with Databricks and availability on the Microsoft Azure Marketplace Azure Marketplace to streamline customers’ journeys to data-driven business transformation in the cloud. Strata Data attendees are encouraged to learn more and are welcome to visit Infoworks at booth #931 during the conference.

“Competing and winning in an increasingly digital world requires companies to harness their data to transform customer experience, business operations, and decision processes – a very complex proposition for most enterprises,” said Amar Arsikere, chief product officer, CTO and co-founder at Infoworks. “Infoworks simplifies the task of data operations and orchestration by automating much of the work, integrating all elements of the solution, and providing a layer of abstraction away from the complexities of underlying infrastructure. This enables our customers to operate data and analytics programs at scale and unleash the real power of data.”

Infoworks v3.0 Key Features:

  • Native support for Databricks distributed computing and storage platform running on Microsoft Azure
  • Support for hybrid-cloud and multi-cloud deployments
    • Infoworks enables seamless deployment of analytics use cases and data pipelines across cloud and on-premises environments. Thereby covering the needs of the 80% of organizations that run more than one cloud implementation.
  • Automated Data Operations and Orchestration
    • Automates manually intensive data operations tasks including ingestion, CDC, Data transformations and orchestration reducing the need for the time and skill level needed to launch analytics use cases
  • Flexible deployment support – develop once and deploy anywhere
    • Infoworks’ infrastructure abstraction provides freedom of choice on cloud infrastructure without the fear of “lock-in”
    • Users can build data pipelines and workflows in one environment and deploy onto other execution platforms – on premises or in the cloud, without recoding.
  • Support for leading cloud and on-premises distributed computing and storage environments
    • Including Spark, Databricks, Microsoft Azure HDInsight, Amazon EMR, Google Dataproc, Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR
    • Support for leading storage systems including Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Microsoft ADLS, Azure Blob Store, and HDFS.
  • Enhanced Data Governance and Lineage
    • Complete solution integration and Infoworks’ newly expanded data catalog provides data governance framework that includes tagging, search, change management, and full lineage.
    • Provides a consolidated view of all enterprise data assets in one centralized location


Infoworks meets the need for a robust EDO2 system to manage, organize, and orchestrate data and data operations to power analytics agility and achieve digital transformation by automating the migration of existing data and data pipelines and simplifying the development, ongoing operations and governance of data analytics workflows. From ingestion from multiple sources and platforms to interactive, graphical reporting dashboards – all quickly and no-code – Infoworks is the answer solving great complexity.


About Infoworks

Infoworks offers the most automated and comprehensive Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) system. It is the only EDO2 system built to automate and accelerate deployment and orchestration of analytics projects at scale, in cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud, and premise-based environments. Through deep automation and a code-free environment, Infoworks empowers organizations to rapidly consolidate and organize enterprise data, create analytics pipelines and deploy projects to production within days – dramatically increasing business agility and accelerating time-to-value. Infoworks counts some of the world’s largest financial, retail, technology, healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing companies as its customers. Founded in 2014 and headquartered in Palo Alto, the company is funded by NEA, Nexus Venture Partners, Centerview Capital Technology, and Knoll Ventures. To learn more, please visit



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