Infoworks Adds Amazon Redshift Support

Press Release | October 24, 2022

Leading EDO2 system simplifies data onboarding and preparation to enable agile analytics

PALO ALTO, Calif., June 18,, the leader in Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, today announced Infoworks support for data onboarding and preparation in Amazon Redshift, a fast and powerful, fully managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse service in the cloud available from Amazon Web Services (AWS). Infoworks support for Redshift enables simplified migration of enterprise data from data warehouses and other sources; the ability for Redshift users to onboard and prepare data using Infoworks; and the capability for data engineers, scientists and business users to build rich data models from various sources using Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) and incrementally synchronize them to Redshift for analytics.

“Our product strategy is driven by the goal to vastly simplify the underlying complexity of data operations and orchestration and enable enterprises to more quickly realize the power of data,” said Ramesh Menon, Vice President, Product at Infoworks. “Infoworks support for Redshift brings our differentiated, comprehensive solution – from onboarding to operationalization – to a critical, significant user base.”

“It’s difficult to overestimate the impact AWS has in cloud computing,” said Infoworks’ Russ Barck, Vice President of Strategic Alliances. “Bringing support for Redshift to Infoworks helps customers realize data analytics agility, quickly derive critical business intelligence and accelerate digital transformation initiatives. This opens-up significant new opportunities for Infoworks and our customers.”

Getting data from various enterprise, on-premise and external systems into Redshift, and keeping the data synchronized, requires complex change data capture (CDC) and other low-level tooling.  Combining and enriching this data – including with semi-structured sources for analytics in Redshift – is also quite involved.  With this new support, Infoworks customers can now automate the processes of onboarding, preparing and operationalizing data into Redshift, enabling more analytics use-cases while avoiding the significant underlying complexities of data operations and orchestration.

Infoworks delivers automation and agility for enterprise data operations and orchestration.  Self-service installations for data engineers and data scientists, without requiring IT resources and infrastructure configuration, helps users get data workflows built and deployed in a fraction of the time and resource previously required. Infoworks is an extensible platform, and support for analytics with AWS Redshift adds a key data consumption option for customers.

Infoworks’ is a codeless environment that automates data operations and data orchestration for developing and managing data workflows in hybrid, cloud, and multi-cloud environments. The comprehensive power of Infoworks allows enterprises to easily and rapidly onboard, prepare and operationalize data. Infoworks dramatically reduces the time and skill level needed to launch analytics use cases, enabling the agility and flexibility critical for successful business digital transformation. For more information, please see:

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