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Feb 24, 2020

Infoworks DataFoundry Selected For Databricks Data Ingestion Network

PALO ALTO, Calif., Feb. 24,, the leader in Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, today announced that Databricks selected Infoworks DataFoundry for Databricks’ Data Ingestion Network, an ecosystem of data integrations launched today featuring partner solutions for the Databricks Unified Data Analytics Platform. In related news, Infoworks announced separately today general availability of DataFoundry 3.0 with native Databricks support.

Infoworks is one of a select group of launch partners included in the Databricks Ingestion Network and is unique in offering a complete, automated, end-to-end software platform for data operations and orchestration that natively leverages the powerful capabilities of Databricks and Apache Spark.

As a first step towards successful analytics on Databricks, customers need to onboard their data into Delta Lake and establish a robust data foundation. Customers face a number of challenges in onboarding data into Delta Lake, such as ingesting data from a wide variety of sources, keeping data synchronized with changes on hundreds to thousands of sources, and cataloging and organizing data for access by analytics applications.

Legacy data operations and orchestration methodologies that require manual coding and point-tool integration are slow and error-prone when used to onboard data to modern data architectures such as Databricks. This results in delayed deployment of analytics into production and incremental costs related to code-maintenance, which negatively impact operational budgets.

Infoworks DataFoundry is an EDO2 system that enables automated onboarding of data to Databricks and accelerates the creation and ongoing management of enterprise-scale analytics and machine learning projects. DataFoundry’s highly-automated no-code environment that natively integrates with Delta Lake and Databricks Runtime, enables data engineers, data scientists, and data analysts to more efficiently bring all their data into Delta Lake and deliver enterprise-scale analytics.

“Enterprises have concluded that they need a new foundational data operations and orchestration platform to achieve their goal of digital transformation, as legacy methodologies have failed to deliver agility and flexibility.” said Kevin Kennedy, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales at Infoworks. “DataFoundry enables businesses to quickly realize value; we’re seeing customers create and launch a range of projects – from business intelligence and analytics to machine learning and more – in days or weeks, as opposed to months or years. We are delighted to build on our partnership with Databricks with the launch of the Databricks Data Ingestion Network to make it easier to deliver these benefits to our joint customers.”

“The Databricks and Infoworks partnership improves cloud analytics productivity and agility through development, orchestration and execution of BI and ML projects at scale – from sandbox to production, from ingestion to integration to model-training and deployment,” said Michael Hoff, Senior Vice President of Business Development and Technology Partners at Databricks.

The Infoworks and Databricks partnership (announced in September 2019) leverages the Infoworks DataFoundry EDO2 system to accelerate and streamline digital transformation efforts, enabling cloud analytics productivity and agility by automating development, orchestration and execution of data and analytics projects at scale – from sandbox to production, from ingestion to integration to model-training and deployment, with built-in monitoring, management and governance.

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About Infoworks

Infoworks offers the most comprehensive and automated Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) system. It is the only EDO2 system built to automate and accelerate deployment and orchestration of analytics projects at scale, in cloud, hybrid, multi-cloud, and premise-based environments. Through deep automation and a code-free environment, Infoworks empowers organizations to rapidly consolidate and organize enterprise data, create analytics workflows and deploy projects to production within days – dramatically increasing business agility and accelerating time-to-value. Infoworks counts some of the world’s largest financial, retail, technology, healthcare, oil & gas, and manufacturing companies as its customers.


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