News Article January 10, 2020

Infoworks: Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration Platform

Today, Infoworks positions itself as an enterprise data operations and orchestration platform that ingests data from virtually any data source either on-premises or in the cloud.

News Article January 8, 2020

Why data-driven businesses need a data catalog

Enterprises need better tools to learn and collaborate around data sources. Data catalogs with pioneering machine learning capabilities can help you tap your valuable data

News Article January 6, 2020

2020 Predictions: Agile – Devops – SRE, Low-code, and AI

It's been several years since I blogged on new year predictions. My last one published in 2017 covered blockchain (just getting started), AI (breakthroughs coming), talent gaps (growing challenge), and the importance of social business (even more critical).

News Article December 18, 2019

Up-and-coming BI vendors to watch in 2020

Promising BI startups look to gain a foothold in 2020 by focusing on underserved markets and embracing next-gen technologies not available in traditional analytics tools.

News Article

Data Predictions for the Next Decade

The following are a set of predictions for the coming decade from respected data analytics expert/veteran CEO/VC partner, Dr. Buno Pati of Infoworks.

News Article December 17, 2019

Industry AI, Analytics, Machine Learning, Data Science Predictions for 2020

Read what Infoworks CEO, Buno Pati, predicts for 2020!  Click on the link and scroll down the page to find Buno's predictions.

News Article December 16, 2019

Kimble ends year with notable nine

Kimble has once again announced a series of customer wins from the last few months. This announcement follows another in August as it continues to win business across IT Services and High Tech sectors in both Europe and North America. The company currently leads the “Trending” G2 Grid for Professional Services Automation. It is also in the leader quadrant for Enterprise companies Live Grid alongside FinancialForce, Clarizen One and Mavenlink.

News Article December 12, 2019

42 More Cybersecurity Predictions For 2020

“2019 saw the cybersecurity industry start to explore AI-based solutions. In the coming months, cybercriminals will start to do the same, integrating AI and machine learning into their malware programs to bypass and infiltrate targeted systems.

News Article December 4, 2019

The CoE is for Infoworks' enterprise data operations and orchestration (EDO2) system. The CoE will provide scalable and affordable professional services to support joint customer digital transformations. The complexity traditionally involved with launching data and analytics use cases has been a significant barrier to widespread adoption.