Navigating to an Agile Data Lake | eGuide

Ensure Smooth Sailing for Your Big Data Projects

It’s a fact that 60 percent of big data projects fail to deploy.* And it’s commonly-overlooked hazards that sink such initiatives—which typically involve underestimating the technical complexities involved, the specialized expertise required, plus the ongoing effort needed to maintain an often-brittle operational environment.

That’s why end-to-end automation from Infoworks can be critical to your success.

Infoworks reduces big data complexity by automating data engineering pipelines and workflows, bringing agility to your data analytics projects. Now you can automate data engineering and DataOps for big data workflow processes end-to-end: all the way from ingestion to consumption.

The result: Infoworks customers have implemented enterprise-scale analytics use cases in days instead of months using the Infoworks Autonomous Data Engine—and with 5-10x fewer engineering hours.

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