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Operationalize Your Data

Infoworks greatly simplifies deployment and management of analytics use cases in production by automating:

  • Data Pipeline Deployment and Promotion – from development to production
  • Pipeline Orchestration – automated management of fault-tolerant analytic workflows
  • Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment – automated export or migrate data pipelines to target platforms on-premises or in the cloud

Data Pipeline Deployment and Promotion


  • Easily export and import data pipelines from development to test to production with a few clicks
  • Integrate pipeline development and management with your CI/CD and SDLC processes
  • Abstracted source, target and infrastructure details from data pipeline logic

Benefits for Databricks users

Rapid promotion from development to production

  • Migrate configurations (not code) across different environments with built-in infrastructure and data connection abstraction
  • Ease the hand-off between developers and productions ops with code-less configurations

Automate your CI/CD processes

  •  Data pipeline logic is transported as configuration files and can be integrated with source code repos and processes

Pipeline Orchestration


  • Visual drag and drop designer for production workflows
  • Maintains audit trail of changes made
  • Run and monitor fault-tolerant production workloads with automated parallel execution
  • Centrally view and monitor execution times (current & historical), logs, errors and SLA
  • Automated retries with the ability to control retry and restart logic
  • Visually view process flow and 
the task descriptions
  • Dynamically control workflows with the use of parameters
  • Integrate external tasks including 3rd party logic
  • Directly access underlying processes from ingestion through transformations and export at any point in the process

Benefits for Databricks users

Orchestrate your complete data pipelines

  • Developers can easily orchestrate entire data pipelines, including external and off-cluster tasks, without needing separate production ops tools and expertise

Simplified monitoring and ops

  • Easily monitor production pipelines with full visibility into each task
  • Reduce troubleshooting efforts with easy restart and recover for fault tolerance

Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment


  • Design once, deploy anywhere (on-premise, multi-cloud, multi-cloud)
  • Support for transient and burst workloads
  • Portability from one cloud environment to another with no rework required
  • Native optimization for maximum performance on each cloud compute engine (Databricks, HDInsight, EMR, Dataproc, Cloudera, etc)
  • Enterprise Cloud Bridge for on-premise to cloud data sync
  • Cloud replicator to rapidly replicate data across big data and object storage, with bi-directional incremental sync

Benefits for Databricks users


  • Retain the flexibility to migrate and run data pipelines in any environment whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid, without needing complex rework
  • Overcome data gravity by replicating data to your preferred compute environment
  • Access data whether it is on-premise or in the cloud, from where it need to be processed

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