Infoworks Data Onboarding Demo

Infoworks Data Onboarding Demo

Infoworks Data Onboarding Demo for Data Ingestion and Synchronization

In this 5-minute video, you will see a demonstration of Infoworks Data Onboarding, including data ingestion and synchronization for Databricks Delta Lake.

Data Ingestion

DataFoundry ingests source data in a high-performance, parallel process, while automatically preserving data precision. DataFoundry provides a no-code environment for configuring the ingestion of data, supporting historical, incremental, and streaming ingestion.

Metadata Synchronization

DataFoundry automatically crawls data sources, ranging from flat files, XML, and JSON to relational databases. The DataFoundry Metadata Crawl feature also learns and catalogs the metadata from external data sources as well as for data sets created using Infoworks, making metadata searchable via a metadata repository.

Data Synchronization

Infoworks DataFoundry continuously synchronizes source data from enterprise databases, data warehouses, and file sources. Change data is captured from the source systems using log-based and query-based methods. The changed data is merged with the base data in a high-performance continuous merge process.