How to Make DataOps Work for You: Tales from the Trenches

How to Make DataOps Work for You: Tales from the Trenches

In June 2019, Eckerson Research completed a survey on DataOps: its value, challenges and best practices. In this recorded webinar, Wayne Eckerson describes what's REALLY happening at other companies and how to make DataOps work for your company.

We've heard how DataOps promises to accelerate the process of creating and modifying data pipelines while simultaneously improving quality. It will turn what has historically been a hand-crafted discipline into a lights-out, automated data environment that speeds delivery, improves customer satisfaction, and generates business value.

But DataOps is a broad field that borrows principles from DevOps, Lean, Agile, and TQM methodologies. Its ongoing challenge is absorbing new processes and new technologies while the underlying execution (Hadoop, Spark, Databricks ,etc.) and storage (hdfs, S3, ADLS, etc.) environments are rapidly evolving and in many cases, migrating to the cloud.

In this webinar, you’ll learn to separate what’s hype and what’s real. You’ll also better understand what new technologies are available to help your company's DataOps initiative be an invaluable resource for creating business value and competitive advantage.