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Video Demo July 27, 2020

See Infoworks on GCP

See how Infoworks automates the process of onboarding, preparing, and operationalizing data from across the enterprise into the Google Cloud.

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Webinar July 22, 2020

Migrate from Hadoop to Databricks: How and Why

Join Infoworks, Databricks and TechMahindra on challenges and solutions for Hadoop migration.

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White Paper July 17, 2020

TDWI Checklist: Data Onboarding for Cloud Data Lakes

Five key considerations for data ingestion and preparation for cloud data lakes, by TDWI Analyst David Loshin.

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Video Demo June 25, 2020

Infoworks for Databricks

Infoworks helps you maximize your time and your talent. We eliminate the need for code, empowering you to design once, and deploy anywhere, without losing any of the power of Databricks, because we integrate natively with this platform.

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Video Demo June 25, 2020

Infoworks Spark Summit Session

Tired of spending too much time on manually intensive tasks to onboard and prepare data for your AI & ML projects? A proliferation of loosely integrated point tools and the lack of automation results in a great deal of time spent writing glue code and coordinating tooling, instead of training and operationalizing your ML models. There is a better way, and it starts with automation. In this session we'll discuss how you can automate the manually intensive and time-consuming work of onboarding and preparing your data; so you can focus your talent and time on making the best use of AI and ML to further your business’ goals.

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Video Demo June 25, 2020

Introduction to Infoworks

An overview introduction to Infoworks solution

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Webinar May 29, 2020

Rapidly Onboard and Prep Your Data for Machine Learning

Learn how to find and prep the data to train your ML model in hours instead of days.

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Webinar April 27, 2020

Onboard Your Data to a Cloud Data Lake

Whether you’re building a data lake in Databricks, Google DataProc or AWS, simple data ingestion can create a massive nightmare of a data swamp!

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