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Case Study September 21, 2020

AMN Healthcare Deploys a Modern Data Fabric to Drive Their Digital Transformation

AMN used Infoworks to rapidly build and deploy a new foundational platform that eliminates manual activities through automation and provides an unprecedented level of analytics agility.

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Webinar September 16, 2020

Onboard Your Data to BigQuery

Join Infoworks and Google Cloud for this educational webinar. If you don’t include these best practices, you can build a data swamp!

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Podcast September 14, 2020

Innovating with Scott Amyx: Interview with Dr. Buno Pati, CEO of Infoworks

CEO of Infoworks, Buno Pati sits down with Scott Amyx to discuss his professional background, how Infoworks got started and the challenges that EDO2 systems like Infoworks solves for businesses.

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Webinar August 19, 2020

TDWI: Data Onboarding for Migrating to Cloud Data Lakes

Join Infoworks and TDWI to learn five ways to simplify Data Onboarding for Cloud Data Lakes. Featuring industry analyst David Loshin.

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Video Demo July 27, 2020

See Infoworks on GCP

See how Infoworks automates the process of onboarding, preparing, and operationalizing data from across the enterprise into the Google Cloud.

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Webinar July 22, 2020

Migrate from Hadoop to Databricks: How and Why

Join Infoworks, Databricks and TechMahindra on challenges and solutions for Hadoop migration.

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White Paper July 17, 2020

TDWI Checklist: Data Onboarding for Cloud Data Lakes

Five key considerations for data ingestion and preparation for cloud data lakes, by TDWI Analyst David Loshin.

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Video Demo June 25, 2020

Infoworks for Databricks

Infoworks helps you maximize your time and your talent. We eliminate the need for code, empowering you to design once, and deploy anywhere, without losing any of the power of Databricks, because we integrate natively with this platform.

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