Get Started With DataFoundry

DataFoundry offers a comprehensive suite of functionality that covers the entire data workflow, enabling users to onboard, prepare, and operationalize data, and achieve unprecedented scale and agility in analytics.

Step 1: Onboard Your Data

Data onboarding is the critical first step in operationalizing your data lake. DataFoundry not only automates data ingestion, but also automates the key functionality that must accompany ingestion to establish a complete foundation for analytics. Data onboarding with DataFoundry automates:

  1. Data Ingestion – from all enterprise and external data sources
  2. Data Synchronization – CDC to keep data synchronized with the source
  3. Data Governance – cataloging, data lineage, metadata management, audit, and history

Step 2: Prepare Your Data

DataFoundry automates preparing data for analytics and optimizing data pipelines for performance. Data preparation with DataFoundry applies intelligent automation to:

  1. Data Transformation – Data pipeline design, optimization and incremental updates
  2. Data Modeling – Use-case specific optimization of data models with incremental updates

Step 3: Operationalize Your Data

DataFoundry greatly simplifies deployment and management of analytics use cases in production by automating:

  1. Data Pipeline Deployment and Promotion – from development to production
  2. Pipeline Orchestration – Automated management of fault-tolerant analytic workflows
  3. Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Deployment – Automated export or migrate data pipelines to target platforms on-premises or in the cloud