Automated Data Workflows for
Business Intelligence & Analytics

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Rapidly meet changing data & analytics requirements, without burdening IT

There are many ad-hoc transformation tools which are great for analytic discovery. They just can’t be used to build production analytics data workflows. Infoworks addresses the challenge of developing and running  big data analytics workflows in production, at scale, with an end-to-end solution that enables self-service from source to consumption.

  • Analysts and data scientists can implement analytics use-cases in days, without requiring data engineers or specialist skills
  • Collaborate easily between data science, business analysts and IT, to build, share and secure artifacts
  • Easily migrate from sandbox to production with automated performance optimizations and production operations management

Infoworks delivers true self-service business intelligence & analytics

Automates data organization for high-speed, interactive access with BI & visualization tools.
Automates ingestion, synchronization and provisioning for analytics using visual drag and drop tools
A complete data lake solution to provision, prepare, model and deploy analytics without requiring IT resources
Automates data transformation, preparation and creation of BI, machine learning and advanced analytic models
Oil and Gas Exploration
Predictive Analytics
10 Days
Implemented a streaming ingestion, near-real-time, predictive analytics solution in 2 weeks
  • Streams data from oil wells in near real-time
  • Integrates with historical data
  • Built a real time drilling dashboard with preventive maintenance analytics
  • POC to production ready in 2 weeks