Cloud Data Management
Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Analytics

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Simplify the migration, creation and ongoing management of cloud and hybrid data analytics projects

Data operations, orchestration and analytics are all moving to the cloud. And cloud vendors make it sound so easy. However, there are still considerable challenges you will have to overcome to successfully implement and manage enterprise-class data operations at scale in cloud and hybrid environments. Infoworks and DataReplicator automate data migration, as well as the development, management and orchestration of data pipelines and workflows for delivering BI, AI and ML analytics projects at scale, for cloud and hybrid environments.

Enterprise-Class Data Operations and Orchestration
for Cloud and Hybrid Environments

Ingest and Prepare Data

Use Infoworks to ingest data from cloud and on-prem platforms via batch, incremental and streaming sources. Transform and prepare data for business intelligence, artificial intelligence and machine learning analytics use cases with a drag and drop GUI.

Operationalize Data Pipelines

Create production ready data pipelines and workflows automatically instrumented with data lineage and operational monitoring. Migrate from development environments to production across big data or cloud platforms with single-click operation.

Migrate and Synchronize Data at Scale

DataReplicator automates the migration of data from on-premise clusters to the cloud, or cloud to cloud, and keep multiple data clusters synchronized. It also provides high-performance bi-directional replication of data and metadata for large data volumes in a variety of scenarios.

Ensure Cloud Independence

Data workflows can be developed once and then run on a wide variety of execution engines and storage platforms. Workflows can be migrated from on-premise Hadoop or Spark platforms to the cloud, or from one cloud environment to another without recoding. automatically optimizes data workflows to run at scale on all supported execution engines.

Case Study

Big Box Retailer
20 Days

A retailer implemented single view of customer for loyalty analytics across two cloud platforms and an on-premise data analytics cluster:

  • Migrated from a brittle hand-coded data operations framework and can now build data pipelines once and run them in multiple environments without recoding
  • Now implementing use cases 5x faster and focusing more data engineering efforts on business value
  • Managing data pipelines that includes Oracle, Teradata, and Kafka streams running across Azure, Google Cloud and Hortonworks

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