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Create, operationalize and orchestrate your Data Lake or Delta Lake in days... no coding required

Organizations are modernizing their Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems and are moving from traditional data warehouse platforms to data lakes or Delta Lakes (in the case of Databricks users).  The goal  is to  support more agile and flexible data analytics environments that work for both traditional business intelligence and machine learning data analytics.  Infoworks provides greater levels of automation that simplify your EDO2 implementation through greater levels of automation:

  • Rapidly ingest streaming and batch data at enterprise scale
  • Incrementally synchronize and refresh your data and schemas
  • Minimize source system impact, and meet your performance SLAs
  • Accelerate creation of data pipelines with no-code drag and drop ease


Rapidly Create Data Lakes and Delta Lakes that are Secure and Manageable

Fully Integrated End-to-End Solution

Infoworks provides a wide range of capabilities that cover data ingestion, change data capture, synch and merge of data into your data lake (or Delta Lake), promotion of data pipelines to production as well as orchestration and monitoring of your data pipelines running at enterprise scale.

Self-Service Development and Deep Automation

Develop data pipelines and full workflows with an easy to use no-code development environment. Deep automation takes care of highly repetitive tasks like creation of CDC data pipelines, handling of slowly changing dimensions, and automatic creation of data lineage to aid in data governance.

Embedded Data Governance and Data Operations

Data governance is not an afterthought at Infoworks, it is built right in! Data access to data in your Data or Delta lake can be controlled through role and domain management. Data pipelines developed with Infoworks are “lineage-ready” and automatically track lineage from ingestion through to consumption. All data pipelines are pre-configured to participate within more complex workflows that can be started, paused and restarted, all without having to write a single line of code or script. Operationalization of processes are handled within the no-code development environment, automatically.s

Avoid Cloud Vendor Lock-in with Greater Deployment Flexibility

Machine learning and business intelligence data pipelines developed with Infoworks Data Foundry can run natively on any of the major big data lake platforms, on-premises or in the cloud. Pipelines deployed on one data lake can be moved to any another platform without requiring recoding while delivering a high level of performance. This high level of portability eliminates cloud-vendor lock-in and gives you maximum flexibility as data lake and cloud analytics technologies evolve.

Fortune 100 Technology Company

2 Weeks

Populated and managed a data lake for thousands of concurrent users

  • 1,500 data sources
  • 100,000+ tables
  • Ingests, synchronizes and captures changing data on an ongoing basis
  • Supports a data shopping cart for enterprise-wide usage
  • Eliminated hand coding

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