Automated Data Warehouse Offload & Migration 

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Migrate from legacy data warehouses like Teradata and Netezza to the cloud & big data in days

Migrating off of your legacy data warehouses to more modern architectures like Databricks and Hadoop is more complicated than just moving the data. You have to be able to keep your old and new environments in-synch while data continues to be processed into the old system.  You also have to migrate the business and transformation logic that was used to populate the original data warehouse.  Infoworks provides software solutions that can help:

  • An automated, repeatable and consistent process for all your workloads
  • Workloads are migrated to easily maintain and optimize data workflows
  • Eliminates the need for scarce and specialized resources

Infoworks Automates Away the Complexity in Data Warehouse Migrations

Automated Data Replication

Infoworks automates the replication of data from DWs like Teradata and Netezza and their upstream sources to big-data & the cloud. It handles petabyte scale migrations and provides bandwidth throttling to minimize disruption of normal business operations. The software continuously synchronizes source data, capturing changing data and merging it with the base data in your Data or Delta Lake in a high-performance process.

Automated SQL Migration

Infoworks can read existing SQL statements and automatically translate them to run in hadoop and Databricks environments on-premises or in the cloud without having to write code. In real production environments, Infoworks SQL migration automated over 95% of SQL migration and the remaining data pipelines were easily recreated using our no-code drag and drop development environment.

Ongoing Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration

After migration is completed, Infoworks can be used for managing ongoing enterprise data operations and orchestration for new data pipelines and workflows created in the new environment. Infoworks automates data operations and data orchestration for developing and managing big data workflows from ingestion all the way to consumption in cloud, multi-cloud and hybrid environments.

Data Governance

During and after migration, it is important to keep track of your data and your data pipelines along with who is building and modifying them. Data governance is not an afterthought at Infoworks, it is built right in! Data pipelines migrated over and developed with Infoworks are “lineage-ready” and automatically track lineage from ingestion through to consumption. All data pipelines are also pre-configured to participate within more complex workflows that can be started, paused and restarted, all without having to write a single line of code or script.

Fortune 10 Retailer

19 Days

Migrated a complex, machine learning, near-real-time, business process in 19 days

  • Synchronized with Teradata every 10 mins
  • 15 min data-availability service level agreement
  • Implemented by 2 engineers in 19 days from requirements to production

Migrate from legacy data warehouses to the cloud & big data in days

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