Onboard, prepare, and operationalize your data
to run analytics and machine learning at scale

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Unified Data Analytics Virtual Workshop

Infoworks, Databricks, and Microsoft Azure have joined together to offer you an educational workshop on Unifying Data Pipelines, Business Analytics, and Machine Learning. In this free virtual, half-day workshop on Sept. 2nd, we’ll cover best practices for enterprises to use powerful open source technologies to simplify and scale your data and ML efforts.


Migrate from Hadoop to Databricks: How and Why Webinar

Watch Infoworks, Databricks, and Tech Mahindra on this recorded webinar to learn about the details of Hadoop migration.


CCPA is Here: Learn How Not To Fail CCPA Compliance

CEO of Infoworks Buno Pati spoke with Toolbox for Security about how to build a framework for CCPA and future privacy requirements with enterprise data operations and orchestration (EDO2) that can help set these organizations up for success.

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Infoworks Unveils New DataFoundry Test Drive, the leader in Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) systems, today announced availability of DataFoundry Test Drive – a free, hosted offering designed for users to experience how DataFoundry’s intelligent automation enables rapid and easy implementation and deployment of complex analytics, artificial intelligence and machine learning use cases in a guided interactive environment.

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Industry Spotlight: Infoworks CEO Buno Pati on Data, Privacy, and the Pandemic

The proliferation of big data has long been seen as a future source of value, but figuring out how to distill that value while navigating the minefield of privacy continues to be a difficult problem. With us, today to talk about privacy in today’s big data landscape is Infoworks CEO Buno Pati.

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Realize the value of your data faster and achieve unprecedented scale and agility in analytics and machine learning with DataFoundry’s intelligent automation

DataFoundry applies intelligent automation across a comprehensive suite of functionality that covers the entire data operations and orchestration workflow to onboard, prepare and operationalize data.

No coding required
Design once deploy anywhere
Native integration with leading big data platforms
Integration with 3rd-party tools
Unified Hybrid and multi-cloud deployments

Onboard your data


  • Data Ingestion
  • Data Synchronization
  • Data Governance

Prepare Your Data


  • Data Transformation
  • Data Modeling

Operationalize your data


  • Data Pipeline Deployment, Promotion, and Orchestration
  • Data Export to any big data platform
  • Data Pipeline Migration to any environment


Infoworks DataFoundry provides a complete foundation for enterprises to operate analytics at scale on any cloud, any big data platform, and all types of data

Agility & SpeedTime to value

Automate the process for launching analytics and ML use cases to speed deployments.

Ease of UseSelf Service

Reduce dependence on specialized talent through a code-free environment that requires minimal maintenance.

Freedom of ChoiceCloud, On Premises, Hybrid

Select the best place to run data operations and applications without recoding.

GovernanceComplete lineage

Manage and orchestrate all data operations in one venue to enable lineage and governance.

ExtensibilityFuture proof

Adapt to new business requirements via platform abstraction and API integration.