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Data and Analytics Projects at Scale

Current Approaches are Failing

Unable to Keep Up with Demand

“As the pace of business has accelerated, data and analytics teams have struggled to keep up with demands.”

(Gartner Research, March 2018)

Maintenance is Overwhelming

“Custom-coded data integration will exhibit lower initial implementation costs of less than 20% per project, but latent and increased maintenance costs will exceed the deployment savings by over 200%.”

(Gartner Research, March 2018)

Talent is Scarce

Top Technical Jobs Available on Glassdoor:

  • #1 Data Scientist
  • #3 Data Engineer

Slow, brittle, labor intensive and ungovernable approaches fail to deliver the agility required for enterprises to drive their digital transformations

Infoworks DataFoundry is THE Solution
for Enterprises to Operate at Scale

Agility & Speed

Time to value

Automate the process for launching analytics and ML use cases to speed deployments

Ease of Use

Self Service

Reduce dependence on specialized talent through a code-free environment that requires minimal maintenance

Freedom of Choice

Cloud, On Premises, Hybrid

Select the best place to run data operations and applications without recoding.


Complete lineage

Manage and orchestrate all data operations in one venue to enable lineage and governance


Future proof

Adapt to new business requirements via platform abstraction and API integration

The World’s Leading Enterprises Deploy on Infoworks

Leading Technology Company
Production ready enterprise wide data lake involving 1500
data sources
Without Infoworks Infoworks
~9 months 2 weeks
18x Improvement
Leading Media Company
Production-ready creation of self-service business spend analysis use case completed in 10 days
Without Infoworks Infoworks
~6 Months 10 Days
12x Improvement
Leading Healthcare Company
Production ready creation of a complex, machine-learning, near-real-time business process in 1 month
Without Infoworks Infoworks
~6 Months ~ 1 Month
6x Improvement

Only DataFoundry Provides a Complete Foundation
for Digital Transformation


DataFoundry provides deep automation for developing and managing data operations and orchestration in a code-free environment

Complete Solution Integration

DataFoundry delivers a single system across the entire data operations and orchestration process covering: data ingestion, change data capture, data pipelines, cataloging, lineage, orchestration and monitoring

Infrastructure Abstraction

DataFoundry abstracts away from the complexities of the underlying infrastructure and seamlessly supports on-premises, cloud, hybrid and multi-cloud environments

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