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Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration

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Develop and Orchestrate
Data and Analytics Projects at Scale

Automate the Creation and Operation of Data Analytics Pipelines and Workflows

The Challenge

Businesses want to redefine their business operations to stay competitive in an increasingly digital world. But they struggle to keep up with the demand for new data analytics use cases in support of constantly evolving business models. BI, AI, and machine learning analytics projects fail to deploy to production because data engineering, operations and orchestration are complex, resource intensive efforts that often take months or even years.

of big data projects deploy to production
data engineers for every data scientist
months from data source to insight
of time spent in data preparation

The Solution

Infoworks DataFoundry automates and accelerates the development, orchestration and ongoing operationalization of BI, AI and machine learning workflows from source to consumption, for cloud, on-premise and hybrid environments. We use big data automation to help our customers successfully implement end-to-end analytics use cases to production in days, using 10x fewer people.

Customer Case Studies

Fortune 10 Retailer
Migrated a complex, machine learning, near-real-time, business process in 19 days
  • Synchronized with Teradata every 10 mins
  • 15 min data-availability service level agreement
  • Implemented by 2 engineers in 19 days from requirements to production
Without Infoworks Infoworks
~6 Months 19 Days
9.5x Improvement
Oil and Gas Exploration
Implemented a streaming ingestion, near-real-time, predictive analytics solution in 2 weeks
  • Streams data from oil wells in near real-time
  • Integrates with historical data
  • Built a real time drilling dashboard with preventive maintenance analytics
  • POC to production ready in 2 weeks
Without Infoworks Infoworks
~6 Months 10 Days
18x Improvement
Fortune 100 Technology Company
Populated and managed a data lake for thousands of concurrent users
  • 1,500 data sources
  • 100,000+ tables
  • Ingests, synchronizes and captures changing data on an ongoing basis
  • Supports a data shopping cart for enterprise-wide usage
  • Eliminated hand coding
Without Infoworks Infoworks
~9 months 2 Weeks
18x Improvement

Automation is the Key

Infoworks DataFoundry is the world’s most comprehensive Enterprise Data Operations and Orchestration (EDO2) system. By applying an unprecedented level of automation to data operations, and orchestration, Infoworks DataFoundry eliminates big data complexity both on-premise and in the cloud.

See it in Action

Automates the creation of complete data workflows from data ingestion to consumption

Automates promotion and operationalization of data pipelines from dev to test to production

Automates management and monitoring of data pipelines that run across multi-cloud and hybrid environments

Automatically provides independence from underlying big data execution engines and storage platforms

Accelerate Your Path to Diversified Data Analytics


  • Deploy new use cases in days….not months
  • Add new data sources with a single click
  • Enable self-service for faster data pipeline creation


  • Choose any big data platform, on-premise or cloud
  • Choose any analytics tools, methods, or algorithms
  • Integrate custom or 3rd party applications

End-to-End System

  • Create data pipelines from ingest to consumption
  • Manage end-to-end lineage and governance
  • Automatically operationalize pipelines at scale


  • Adapt to changes in underlying infrastructure
  • Add new data sources and execution engines
  • Support custom and 3rd party application extensions

Struggling to operationalize your BI, AI or ML data pipelines in the cloud or on premise? Infoworks can help.

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