Infoworks Replicator

Automate on-premises Hadoop migration to the cloud

What is Infoworks Replicator?

The end-to-end automated solution for seamless Hadoop data and metadata migration

Enable the rapid migration of large-scale Hadoop data lakes to the cloud. All in a fraction of the time and with fewer resources required for legacy approaches.

Running as a service on your cloud, Infoworks Replicator maintains continuous operation and synchronization between on-premises Hadoop source and cloud destination clusters, ensuring data migration at scale without risk of data loss or business disruption.

3X fastermigration of data, metadata
1/3 the costof hand-coding or point tools
Fewerspecialized resources required

The Infoworks Replicator difference

Changing the way enterprises migrate data to the cloud

Infoworks Replicator uniquely automates migration of large-scale Hadoop environments to the cloud, ensuring data continuity with no business disruption.


Powers faster migrations and reduces resource requirements to speed time to value.


Continuous operation and synchronization ensure zero business disruption.


Migrate petabytes of data and metadata to any cloud seamlessly.


Automate your cloud data platform post-migration to accelerate deployment of new analytics use cases.

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The Infoworks Replicator at a glance

Why Infoworks Replicator is better

Migrate business-critical data to the cloud

Seamlessly replicate, synchronize, and modernize your data and metadata from Hadoop with Infoworks Replicator. Watch this video to learn more.

Automated code-free migration

End-to-end automation of Hadoop data and metadata to any cloud.

Automated fault tolerance

Automated restart upon network or node failure from point of failure removes significant overhead.

Integration with data transformation pipeline

Insert key rotation and any data shaping requirements into the end-to-end pipeline.

Scalability for petabyte size clusters

Control parallelism for computation and data replication tasks.

Continuous synchronization

Maintains continuous operation and data synchronization between Hadoop and cloud clusters.

Controlled network utilization

Allocate the network utilization allowed per replication session using static and dynamic network throttling.

Common data and file format support

Support for ORC, Parquet, Avro, Sequence, Partitioned, CSV, managed and external tables, bucketed tables, and text.

Flexible deployment modes

Deploy as source cluster, destination cluster, or a third cluster.

Extend your migration with the full Infoworks Platform to modernize your cloud data operations for agility and scale.

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