About Infoworks

Infoworks was founded to solve a common problem in the big data world. Big data is just too hard. Infoworks co-founder and Chief Product Officer, Amar Arsikere discovered this challenge first-hand at both Google and Zynga. He first built a data warehousing platform on Bigtable at Google, then built one of the world’s largest in memory database infrastructures at Zynga. And while open source tools were a good initial foundation, Amar found that out of the box open source didn’t translate well into production environments. They require too much expertise, too much manual coding, too much integration “glue” code, and too much time to get big data infrastructure to work properly in production.

To solve this problem, Amar created an automation layer to eliminate complexity across the entire data workflow.  The solution included data ingestion, data synchronization, data preparation, cube generation and orchestration and management of data workflows in production on a collaborative platform.

Based on this experience, Amar started Infoworks, which is now the third time he has solved the problem of simplifying away the complexity of big data. Only this time, the experiences learned at two of the world’s largest big data companies, are now available to every company in the world through the Infoworks.