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Infoworks designs and develops enterprise software that automates data, metadata, and workload migration while simultaneously modernizing cloud data operations
for agility and scale.
Better, faster, lower-cost cloud migration & modern data operations


Infoworks was founded to solve a problem in the big data world: the promise of big data wasn’t being realized.

Founder and Chief Product Officer Amar Arsikere discovered this problem first-hand when he worked at both Google and Zynga. He spent more than three years leading the effort at Google to build a petabyte-scale data warehousing and analytics platform on BigTable, servicing thousands of users. He then built one of the world’s largest database infrastructures at Zynga where he was instrumental in creating the Membase database that went on to become Couchbase. Through his experiences, Amar discovered that out-of-the-box open source and legacy tools didn’t work well in large-scale cloud environments. They required too many specialized resources, too much manual coding, too much integration “glue” code, and too much time to make it work. It was then Amar rethought the approach – automate.

Amar created a software automation solution that eliminated the complexity across the entire data workflow – making it faster, better, and requiring fewer specialized resources. The solution included data migration, data ingestion, data synchronization, data preparation, orchestration, and management of data workflows in production on a collaborative platform.

Realizing that every enterprise had the same challenges, Amar founded Infoworks.

Fast-forward to today, Amar leads the teams that continue to drive innovation that helps our customers solve their biggest data problems: from automating migration of not just data, but metadata and workloads to the cloud, to decoupling compute from migration, to making workloads portable across platforms, to automatically establishing modern data platforms, and enabling any multi-cloud, multi-platform environment, Infoworks is enabling enterprises to realize the full value of their business-critical data.


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