Infoworks Platform

Accelerate migration to the cloud and modernize your cloud data operations

What is Infoworks Platform?

The only unified platform to accelerate cloud migration and modernize your cloud data operations – automatically.

The Infoworks Platform installs on your cloud and automates the migration of data, metadata, and workloads from Enterprise Data Warehouses and Hadoop Data Lakes to the cloud faster, with fewer resources, and at a fraction of the cost of traditional approaches. Our platform simultaneously establishes scalable and agile modern cloud data operations to automate the creation and deployment of new analytics use cases.

3X fastermigration of data, metadata,
and workloads
1/3 the costof migrating with
other solutions
4X fasterdeployment of new
analytics use cases
Platform independentWorks across hybrid multi-cloud, data lake,
and data warehouse environments

The Infoworks Platform difference

Accelerated migration

No-code migration of both data and metadata.

  • Create and maintain metadata catalog, lineage, history, and audit trails
  • Orchestrate migration pipelines

Workload portability

No-code migration of EDW and Hadoop workloads.

  • Convert workloads to compute-agnostic visual pipelines
  • Write to multiple targets (Databricks, Snowflake, Teradata) with a single pipeline
  • Run workloads anywhere including Snowflake or Databricks without code changes

Post-migration agility & scale

Rapid, automated development of new analytics use cases.

  • Choose the optimal compute source by decoupling pipelines from the compute layer
  • Automate ingestion and CDC of new data sources from over 200 data source types using our Data Source Connector Directory

Learn more about Infoworks Platform

The Infoworks Platform at a glance

Learn more about Infoworks Platform


Unlock the value of your data

Infoworks Platform installs on your cloud and automates 90%+ of the tasks required for migration, operation, and orchestration.


Data onboarding is the critical first step in operationalizing your data lake.

Our platform automates:

  • Data and metadata ingestion
  • Synchronization between on-premises and cloud
  • Data governance and lineage
  • Over 200 native data connectors


Preparing data for analytics and optimizing for performance is the next step.

Our platform applies intelligent automation to:

  • Data pipelines
  • Data transformation
  • Data models
  • Workload migration


Run analytics at scale and realize the value of your data.

Our platform simplifies deployment and management of analytics use cases through automation:

  • Promote to production
  • Hybrid multi-cloud deployment
  • Orchestration
  • Workload migration

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