Technical debt can be a costly game. It’s time for a modern technology infrastructure.

Infoworks Commentary | February 17, 2023

Technical debt – the reliance on older or deficient technology – has been exposed as a costly game. Think of the trials of Southwest Airlines, the holiday travel disruption in December 2022 is expected to cost the company upwards of $825 million in large part due to the inefficiencies of their outdated systems. Yet the problem is widespread across many industries.

A modern technology infrastructure is absolutely critical today – timely and trustworthy accessibility to enterprise data enables business intelligence and the informed decision making that means success or even survival in challenging times.

For many enterprises, which for years have slogged along with outdated and deficient data operations, the cloud promises a way forward to address this technical debt: to modernize systems, eliminate barriers and silos, to vastly improve access and efficiency, and to realize the benefits from new, powerful analytics. In short, the cloud is foundational to accelerating digital transformations.

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