Big data projects are complex... you need to automate data engineering

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The Autonomous Data Engine

Any Source, Any Big Data Platform, Any Analytics

There are many visual coding tools that can help you on your big data and cloud journey. The problem? Point tools don’t automate the entire data engineering process…

End to end automation is the Infoworks difference

The Infoworks Autonomous Data Engine automates data engineering for end-to-end big data workflow processes from ingestion all the way to consumption, helping customers implement to production in days using 5x fewer people.

Learn more about our capabilities below.

Automated Data & Workload Import

Automated Data Ingestion

Automatically crawls data sources, ranging from flat files to relational databases such as Teradata, Oracle, and SQL Server.  Ingests source data in a high-performance, parallel process, while automatically preserving data precision.

Automated Data Synchronization

Continuously synchronizes source data using log and query-based methods for change data capture.  Automatically handles slow-changing-data and schema changes. Supports streaming, batch and incremental modes of data synchronization and export.

Automated Data Migration

Automatically migrates the workload (ETL logic, BTEQ in Teradata, SQL workloads, and other such programs) from legacy data warehouses to a big data environment. With automated data, schema and workload migration, the Autonomous Data Engine provides a comprehensive solution for data warehouse offload and migration.

Automated Metadata Synchronization

Learns the metadata and infers data relationships for data ingested from external data sources as well as data sets created using Infoworks. Tracks end-to-end data lineage for trace back and impact analysis.

Automated Data Preparation

Data Transformation and Preparation

Provides self-service data preparation using an interactive, drag-and-drop data transformation capability with support for SQL-based and other transformations. Users work interactively with data in a collaborative, suggestion-based interface that reduces or eliminates dependence on IT skills.

Automated Cube Generation

The powerful cube engine enables users to visually design star/snowflake schemas, and build high-performance OLAP cubes. Data analysts can drag and drop facts, dimensions, and measures. Infoworks then automatically builds a fully pre-aggregated and optimized cube natively on the big data platform, providing sub-second response times to most user queries. An ODBC/JDBC interface is made available to industry standard tools such as Tableau, Microsoft Power BI, Microstrategy, and other analytics tools.

High Performance Access

Business application access to data is delivered via multiple interfaces, providing enterprises a single platform to handle multiple use cases. The data access interfaces include access through SQL, R, ODBC, and a programmatic API.

Automated Orchestration, Portability & Security

Orchestration and Production Operations

A distributed orchestrator monitors production workloads and makes them fault tolerant, reducing the load on system and production administrators.  Migrating from development to production is a simple, single-click operation.


Infoworks automation also makes it easy to move from on premise Hadoop platform to the cloud or from one cloud environment to another. One Infoworks customer moved an entire set of production workflows from Microsoft Azure to Google Cloud Platform in less than one day.

Enterprise Grade Security Integration

The Infoworks platform provides security integration for user authentication and data security policies. It supports single-sign-on/LDAP integration, Kerberos based authorization. It also supports encryption for data in motion and at rest.

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