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Webinar November 18, 2020

COVID-19 Data Management: Lessons Learned

A case study on challenges and solutions for building a complex, massive, mission-critical data analytics foundation.

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Webinar November 13, 2020

Onboard Your Data to Redshift

Onboarding your data to Amazon Redshift is more than just data ingestion. Learn best practices to automate and accelerate.

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Webinar September 16, 2020

Onboard Your Data to BigQuery

Join Infoworks and Google Cloud for this educational webinar. If you don’t include these best practices, you can build a data swamp!

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Webinar August 19, 2020

TDWI: Data Onboarding for Migrating to Cloud Data Lakes

Join Infoworks and TDWI to learn five ways to simplify Data Onboarding for Cloud Data Lakes. Featuring industry analyst David Loshin.

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Webinar July 22, 2020

Migrate from Hadoop to Databricks: How and Why

Join Infoworks, Databricks and TechMahindra on challenges and solutions for Hadoop migration.

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Webinar May 29, 2020

Rapidly Onboard and Prep Your Data for Machine Learning

Learn how to find and prep the data to train your ML model in hours instead of days.

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Webinar April 27, 2020

Onboard Your Data to a Cloud Data Lake

Whether you’re building a data lake in Databricks, Google DataProc or AWS, simple data ingestion can create a massive nightmare of a data swamp!

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Webinar January 24, 2020

Automate Cloud Data Operations for BI and ML Data Pipelines

In this joint presentation with Databricks, see how you can build production-quality data pipelines faster for Databricks.

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