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Webinar December 16, 2021

Data Operations and Orchestration Across Hybrid and Multicloud Environments

Learn about challenges and solutions for managing data and workloads across hybrid and multicloud data environments.

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Webinar November 19, 2021

Migrating Hadoop to the Cloud: How to Simplify and Speed Up Your Project with Automation

Whether you're migrating Hadoop to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud, there are some major challenges that can swamp you if you don't prepare.

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Webinar October 15, 2021

Rapid Migration of Data and Analytics to the Cloud: The Why and The How

Join Infoworks and our guest Noel Yuhanna, VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, for this insightful webinar where we’ll discuss the challenges enterprises have faced in cloud migration and a modern automated approach to accelerate migration and achieve analytics scale and agility in the cloud.

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Webinar September 30, 2021

Rapid Migration of Enterprise Data Warehouses to the Cloud

Learn how to solve the top challenges of migrating your data, workloads and workflows.

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Webinar August 12, 2021

Onboard Your Streaming Data to a Cloud Data Lake

Streaming data is on the rise. How do you best integrate this growing data source into your data architecture?

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Webinar June 22, 2021

CI/CD Options for Data Operations

Learn about applying Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery strategies to develop a modern data architecture.

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Webinar May 17, 2021

Data Lake vs. Cloud Data Warehouse

Which do you choose? Learn how to leverage the advantages of BOTH with a modern data architecture.

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Webinar April 7, 2021

Simplify Data Onboarding for Machine Learning and AI

Hear about successful AI/ML use cases and methodologies that Google Cloud sees in the field. Follow along with the step-by-step process for onboarding your data to Databricks, using your own Infoworks Test Drive hosted environment.

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