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Free 7-Day DataFoundry Test Drive

Explore the powerful capabilities of DataFoundry as you build and deploy a complete analytics use case aided by an Interactive Guide.

Let’s Get Started

On this journey you will:

Onboard data

  • Crawl and ingest source data.
  • Set up incremental synchronization and merging of CDC records.
  • Establish governance to auto-catalog metadata while keeping track of data lineage, history, and metrics.

Prepare data

  • Transform data as you build incrementally-updated optimized data pipelines.
  • Build optimized data models for analytics.

Operationalize data

  • Orchestrate and deploy data pipelines with automated management of fault-tolerant analytic workflows.
  • Export data models to target platforms in a multi-cloud environment.

Visualize the data and generate reports in a notebook.

And … you will do all of this in about an hour!

The Interactive Guide provides step-by-step guidance on your journey to build out a complete use case for which you will onboard, prepare and operationalize customer data and analytics.

Completing your use case with the Interactive Guide will prepare you to further explore DataFoundry’s powerful capabilities on your own.

DataFoundry Advantages

Realize the value of your data faster and achieve unprecedented scale and agility in analytics and machine learning with DataFoundry’s intelligent automation. Infoworks DataFoundry provides a complete foundation for enterprises to operate analytics at scale on any cloud, any big data platform, and all type of data.

No coding required
Design once deploy anywhere
Native integration with leading big data platforms
Integration with 3rd-party tools
Unified Hybrid and multi-cloud deployment